Preachers We Support

The brethren in Zion, Illinois have been supporting the preaching of the gospel overseas for many years. Within the past few years we have helped support men in India, China, South Africa, Nigeria, The Philippine Islands, Malaysia, Romania and the Czech Republic. We would like to introduce you to four of the men we are supporting on a regular basis.

Dale Smelser

Brother Smelser preaches for the Northwest Church of Christ in Germantown, Maryland (in the NW Washington, DC area). Dale preached for the brethren here in Zion, Illinois many years ago, and is still held in high esteem by all of the brethren here.

Bob Buchanon

Brother Buchanon has been preaching the gospel for nearly forty years. His last full-time work was with the Eastside congregation in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In 2001 he resigned from his work there to devote his full energy to foreign evangelism. We have helped support him on his trips to Zimbabwe, the Philippine Islands, Belize in Central America, Scotland and a few other places.