About The Authors

Most of the material on this website was produced by David Padfield, evangelist for the Church of Christ in Zion, Illinois. In addition, Padfield was able to secure the assistance of Gene Taylor, Jeff Asher, Wayne Greeson and Keith Sharp to produce original articles, tracts and books for this site.

David Padfield (Zion, Illinois)

David Padfield, Zion, Illinois The Eastside Church of Christ in Bowling Green, Kentucky, allowed David to begin his life of ministry under the guidance and teaching of O. G. Simmons and Julian Cash, the overseers of the congregation.

In 1981 Norbert Maudlin and Gene McNabb, the elders of the Northwest Church of Christ in Evansville, Indiana, allowed David to work with them and gave him the opportunity to develop his skills in preaching, writing, and debating. After five years at the Northwest congregation, he helped to establish a new group on the east side of Evansville, and Harry Lewis came to work with the Northwest congregation. David and Harry worked together on a weekly call-in radio program for seven years.

In 1993 the Padfield's moved to Zion, Illinois to work with the Lewis Avenue congregation, where the brethren encouraged him to spend more time in the writing of Bible class literature and study guides—these books are now used by brethren around the world and have been translated into many foreign languages and are distributed at no charge to those who want to study the Scriptures. The brethren in Zion have also been very gracious by giving David the time off to do research in the Bible lands.

Over the years Padfield has engaged in numerous public debates on a wide variety of topics. He has also authored several hundred church bulletin articles on Bible topics and has written class books and Bible study guides on nearly every book of the Bible (both Old Testament and New Testament class books are available for you to download for free). His trips to Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Egypt have made it possible to post a large number of photographs of the Bible lands on this website. These photos are often used in college textbooks and other publications around the world. Several of Padfield's research papers are available on Academia.edu. He is also a full member of the Society of Biblical Literature.

For several years he owned and operated Padfield Consulting Service, a website design and in-service training company. He was also a charter member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop. For more information, you can view his profile on LinkedIn. If you are interested, you can see the colophon for this site. This website is paid for in its entirety by David Padfield, and he is solely responsible for its content.

Gene TaylorGene Taylor (Land O Lakes, Florida)

Gene Taylor has retired from full-time work as an evangelist and is now living in semi-retirement in Land O Lakes, Florida, after having served the Centerville Road Church of Christ in Tallahassee, Florida, for thirty-five and a half years (25 years as one of their elders). He and his wife, the former Sandy Hall, were married on September 16, 1967. They have three children and seven grandchildren.

Gene began full-time preaching in 1974 with the church in Downers Grove, Illinois. In 1977 he moved to Evansville, Indiana, where he worked with the Northwest congregation. In 1981 he began working with the church in Mount Vernon, Indiana. In June of 1984, he relocated to Tallahassee, Florida, and worked with the Centerville Road congregation until December 2019. He still holds several gospel meetings each year and has written numerous books and class studies.

Jeff Asher (Katy, Texas)

Jeff Asher Jeff Asher was reared in Pine Bluff, AR where he obeyed the Gospel at the age of 13. At 19 He began preaching by appointment throughout South Central Arkansas. Over the last 35 years, he has worked with churches in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas.

Asher's evangelistic work is represented by a wide range of activity. He has preached in established churches and been instrumental in establishing churches. Early in his ministry, he began radio preaching which he continues to do each week on KGAS. Every year he conducts several evangelistic meetings for churches and has been to Central America in such efforts. He maintains a website and contributes to others. He is a staff writer for Faith and Facts Quarterly and one-time associate editor of With All Boldness. He has also been interested in debating as a teaching method and has conducted 15 or more debates with representatives of several denominations on a wide variety of topics. Jeff holds a BS from Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia, AR. He and his wife Cyndi have been married for over 30 years. They have two daughters, Rebekah and Mary Beth.

In 2015, Jeff left local work in order to have opportunities for writing, publishing, and other opportunities in evangelism. He still preaches by appointment, whenever asked, and will gladly accept invitations as his schedule and resources allow. Jeff became a licensed Texas real estate sales agent in 2015. He currently makes his home in Katy, Texas where he is involved in farm and ranch real estate development.

Wayne Greeson (Connersville, Indiana)

Wayne GreesonWayne Greeson grew up listening to his father, Richard Greeson preach. As the son of a preacher he grew up in Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, but eventually he remained in Indiana long enough to attend high school and college there. Wayne graduated from Indiana University with an undergraduate degree and a law degree. While in Bloomington, Indiana, at IU, he met and married Chris Ann Burns.

After completing law school, Wayne practiced law in Noblesville, Indiana and began preaching for the Castleton church of Christ. After four years he moved to Hollywood, Florida to work with the church of Christ on Harding Street. After five years later of labor in south Florida, the family moved to Pine Bluff, Arkansas where Wayne worked with 28th Avenue church of Christ. Five years later he began working with the McArthur Drive church of Christ in Jacksonville, Arkansas. Three years later he moved to Bentonville, Arkansas and worked for five years with the East 102 church of Christ. In the summer of 2004, he moved back to Indiana and is currently working with the church of Christ in Connersville, Indiana. He is also actively practicing law.

Over the years Wayne has engaged in six public debates over scriptural issues, including debates with Pentecostals, Yahwehists and a Catholic. Wayne spent over eight years on the radio conducting a daily Bible call-in program in central and northwestern Arkansas. Wayne has written articles for several religious periodicals and he has compiled and edited several books. He and his wife, Chris, have three sons, Daniel, Nathaniel, and Joshua. The entire family enjoys the people and beauty of central Indiana where they live.

Keith Sharp (Mountain Home, Arkansas)

Keith SharpKeith Sharp was born in Del Rio, Texas, in 1945. He graduated from Conway (Arkansas) High School in 1963, received his A.A. degree from Florida College in 1965, his BSE from Southern State College (Magnolia, Arkansas) in 1967, and his M.A. in history from the University of Arkansas in 1971.

He began preaching at Quitman AR in May of 1965 and was married to Sandy (Hawkins) that September. They have four grown children and three grandchildren. Keith has served as a local preacher in Quitman AR, El Dorado AR, Rogers AR, Baytown TX, Conway AR, Mena AR, Lakeland FL, Grenada MS, Evans Mills NY, and now Mountain Home, AR, where he is an elder of the Highway 5 South Church of Christ. 

He has preached gospel meetings in 33 American states and 3 Canadian provinces. He has also made Bible teaching and preaching trips to Nigeria (4 times), South Africa, Zimbabwe, Belize (4 times), American Samoa (6 times), Samoa (4 times), Uganda (6 times), Kenya (4 times), the United Kingdom, and Tanzania. Keith sends out a free, monthly e-mail paper called “Meditate on These Things” and maintains a web site, www.christistheway.com. Keith has engaged in ten public, oral debates and about sixteen written debates. He has had sixteen books published.