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Bible Class Curriculum For Sunday School

by F.L. Booth

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F.L. Booth has been a Bible class teacher in the Zion, Illinois congregation for over 40 years. The brethren in Zion have always taken their Bible classes seriously, and as a result, our teachers have written a lot of excellent material for Sunday School and Bible classes. Over the years, F.L. Booth has put together a marvelous Bible class curriculum for our students. In my personal opinion, the material Booth has written is better than anything you can purchase at one of the "brotherhood" bookstores. This Bible class curriculum can be easily adapted for use by any age group from fourth grade through high school. You are welcome to make copies of these books, but you are not allowed to sell them or place them on other website. This curriculum is designed to be covered in four years, plus there is one extra quarter of study available.

Old Testament Bible Class Curriculum

The Beginning (Year 1, Quarter 1)

This thirteen lesson Bible class curriculum covers: The Creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah, the Tower of Babel, the Call of Abram, Abram and Lot, Abram is Promised a Son, Abraham is Visited by Angels, Sodom and Gomorrah, Hagar and Ishmael, and Abraham Offers Isaac (PDF file size: 1.1 MB).

The Patriarchs (Year 1, Quarter 2)

This thirteen lesson Bible class curriculum covers: Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Esau, Jacob Receives Isaac's Blessing, Jacob's Dream, Jacob and Laban, Jacob Meets Esau, Joseph Is Sold, Joseph In Prison, Pharaoh's Dream, Joseph Reveals Himself To His Brothers, and Jacob Moves To Egypt (PDF file size: 1.1 MB).

Moses and the Exodus (Year 1, Quarter 3)

This thirteen lesson Bible class curriculum covers: The Birth of Moses, Moses Kills An Egyptian, The Burning Bush, Moses Meets Pharaoh, The Plagues, The Passover, Crossing The Red Sea, Quails And Manna, Water From The Rock, The 10 Commandments, The Golden Calf, The Tabernacle, Nadab And Abihu (PDF file size: 1.5 MB).

Wilderness Wanderings and Conquest of Canaan (Year 1, Quarter 4)

This thirteen lesson Bible class curriculum covers: Miriam Becomes Leprous, The Twelve Spies, Rebellion Of Korah, Dathan, And Abiram, Moses Smites The Rock, The Brazen Serpent, Balaam And Balak, Death Of Moses—Joshua Chosen Leader, Rahab, Israel Crosses The Jordan, The Battle Of Jericho, Defeat At Ai, The Sun And The Moon Stand Still, Land Promise Fulfilled and Joshua's Farewell (PDF file size: 1.3 MB).

The Judges—The First King (Year 2, Quarter 1)

This thirteen lesson Bible class curriculum covers: Ehud's Dagger, Deborah And Barak, An Angel Visits Gideon, Gideon And The Midianites, Jephthah, Samson's Riddle And Revenge, Samson And Delilah, The Story Of Ruth, The Birth Of Samuel, Samuel Hears A Voice, Israel Wants A King, Saul Chosen As King, Saul Disobeys God (PDF file size: 1.2 MB).

The United Kingdom (Year 2, Quarter 2)

This thirteen lesson Bible class curriculum covers: David Anointed King, David And Goliath, David And Jonathan, David Finds Saul In A Cave, Saul And The Witch Of Endor, The Death Of Saul—David Becomes King, Uzzah And The Ark, David And Absalom, Solomon Anointed King, Solomon's Dream, Solomon's Judgment, Solomon's Kingdom—The Queen Of Sheba, Solomon's Wives—Ahijah's Prophecy (PDF file size: 1.4 MB).

The Divided Kingdom (Year 2, Quarter 3)

This thirteen lesson Bible class curriculum covers: The Division Of The Kingdom, Jeroboam And The Man Of God, Elijah And The Widow Of Zarephath, Elijah And The Prophets Of Baal, Jezebel And Naboth's Vineyard, Elijah And Elisha, The Widow's Oil And The Shunammite Woman, Naaman The Leper, Miracles Performed By Elisha, Joash The Boy King, Hezekiah And Sennacherib, Hezekiah's Life Is Lengthened, Josiah (PDF file size: 1.6MB).

The Prophets and Nehemiah, Esther and Job (Year 2, Quarter 4)

This thirteen lesson Bible class curriculum covers: The King Burns Jeremiah's Book, Jeremiah In The Dungeon, Daniel In Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar's Dream, The Fiery Furnace, Belshazzar's Feast, Daniel In The Lion's Den, Jonah And The Great Fish, Nehemiah Rebuilds The Walls, Esther Becomes Queen, Haman's Plot, Esther Saves The Jews, Job (PDF file size: 1.5 MB).

Leaders In Israel (Extra Quarter)

This thirteen lesson Bible class curriculum covers: Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Samuel, David, Elijah, Josiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Esther, Nehemiah (PDF file size: 1.8 MB).

New Testament Bible Class Curriculum

The Birth Of Jesus And The Beginning Of His Ministry (Year 1, Quarter 1)

The Birth of John the Baptist, The Birth of Jesus, Jesus in the Temple, The Baptism of Jesus, The Temptation of Jesus, The Calling of the Apostles, The Sermon on the Mount, The Death of John the Baptist (PDF file size: 1.4 MB).

People Jesus Knew And Taught (Year 1, Quarter 2)

Nicodemus, The Samaritan Woman at the Well, The Transfiguration, The Woman About to be Stoned, The Good Shepherd, The Mission of the Seventy, Mary and Martha, The Rich Man and Lazarus, Jesus Blesses the Children, The Rich Young Ruler, Zacchaeus, Jesus Anointed by Mary, The Widow's Offering (PDF file size: 1.4 MB).

The Miracles Of Jesus (Year 1, Quarter 3)

Miracles of Nature (4 lessons), Miracles of Physical Healing (7 lessons), Miracles of the Resurrection (2 lessons) (PDF file size: 2.4 MB).

The Parables Of Jesus (Year 1, Quarter 4)

Parables of the Kingdom (3 lessons), Parables of Forgiveness, Parables of the Love of One's Neighbor, Parables of Praying, Parables of Self-Righteousness and Humility, Parables of the Cost of Discipleship, Parables of the Invitation of God, Parables of Repentance, Parables of the Importance of Preparing for the Future, Parables of Individual Responsibility (PDF file size: 2.3 MB).

The Final Week (Year 2, Quarter 1)

The final week of our Lord prior to His death. The lessons start with His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, then other lessons discuss the moneychangers, the Day of Controversy, the woes pronounced upon the Pharisees, Judas' plot, the Passover, the Lord's Supper, the Garden of Gethsemane, Peter's denial of our Lord, Caiaphas and the Jewish trial, Pilate and the Roman trial, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, post-resurrection appearances, and the Ascension of Christ (PDF file size: 1.9 MB).

The Book Of Acts, Part One (Year 2, Quarter 2)

The Ascension of Jesus and The Selection of Matthias; The Holy Spirit—Peter's Sermon—The Church; The Lame Man at the Temple; Peter and John Imprisoned; Ananias and Sapphira; The Apostles Imprisoned; Stephen—The First Recorded Christian Martyr; Philip and Simon the Sorcerer; Philip and the Ethiopian Nobleman; The Conversion of Saul; The Preaching of Saul; Peter, Aeneas, Tabitha (Dorcas); The Conversion of Cornelius (PDF file size: 1.3 MB).

The Book Of Acts, Part Two (Year 2, Quarter 3)

The Persecution of Herod Agrippa I; Paul's First Journey (Parts I & I); Paul's Second Journey (Parts I, II, & III); Paul's Third Journey (Parts I & I); Paul's Arrest and Defense Before the Jews; Paul Before the Council and The Plot to Kill Paul; Paul Before Felix and Festus; Paul Before Agrippa II; Paul's Journey to Rome. This free booklet includes several charts: The Herod Family; Roman Emperors of the First Century A. D.; and Maps of Paul's Journeys (PDF file size: 2.5MB).

Living The Christian Life (Year 2, Quarter 4)

The final class curriculum book in the series: The Church/Kingdom; The Steps of Salvation; Elements of Worship (five lessons on: Prayer; Singing; Giving; The Lord's Supper; Preaching and Teaching); Love; The Family; The Armor of God; Fruit of the Spirit; Faith; and, The Second Coming of Christ (PDF file size: 1.6MB).

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