Bible Land Photographs For PowerPoint Presentations

Egypt: The Gods Of Egypt

  • The Gods of Ancient Egypt
  • amun
  • apis-bull
  • babi-baboon-god-at-tanis
  • bes-at-philae-temple
  • bes
  • horus-and-osiris
  • horus-at-edfu-temple
  • horus-at-kom-ombo
  • horus-the-falcon
  • neith
  • ptah
  • scarab-beetle
  • sekhmet-at-habu-temple
  • sekhmet
  • sobek-and-hathor-1
  • sobek-and-hathor-2
  • sobek-and-horus
  • sobek-at-kom-ombo-temple
  • taweret
  • toth-and-horus

These photographs may be used as PowerPoint sermon backgrounds and in Bible class lessons, but they may not be placed on any other website. You can download all these photos in a single ZIP file (3.9 MB) by clicking the button below:

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  1. Amun
  2. Apis Bull (Oriental Institute)
  3. Babi, the Baboon god (Tanis, Egypt)
  4. Bes (Philae Temple, Egypt)
  5. Bes
  6. Horus and Osirus (Oriental Institute)
  7. Horus (Edfu Temple, Egypt)
  8. Horus (Kom Ombo, Egypt)
  9. Horus the Falcon
  10. Goddess Neith (Oriental Institute)
  11. Ptah
  12. Scarab Beetle representing Khepri (Karnak Temple, Egypt)
  13. Sekhmet (Habu Temple, Egypt)
  14. Sekhmet
  15. Pharaoh presenting gifts to Sobek and Hathor (Kom Ombo Temple, Egypt)
  16. Sobek and Hathor (Kom Ombo Temple, Egypt)
  17. Sobek and Horus (Kom Ombo Temple, Egypt)
  18. Sobek (Kom Ombo Temple, Egypt)
  19. Taweret
  20. Toth and Horus pouring blessings on Sobek (Kom Ombo Temple, Egypt)