Model Of Jerusalem In The Second Temple Period

Model Of Jerusalem In The Second Temple Period


The model of Jerusalem, as it existed at the end of the Second Temple period, is an incredible place to visit while in Israel. The original location for this model was at the Holyland Hotel in Jerusalem, but it was moved to a new site at the Israel Museum, near the Shrine of the Book, in 2006. Photographs of the model greatly benefit anyone who teaches the Gospels or the Book of Acts.

We have put together a collection of nearly 100 photographs of this model for you to download. These photos are all the same size (1024 x104 pixels) and are easy to use in PowerPoint or Apple Keynote presentations.

One of the problems in photographing the model is that tourists usually surround it. Thanks to the artificial intelligence programs now available to digital photographers, we have magically removed tourists and other distracting items from these photographs.

In addition to the Temple Mount, this collection includes photos of the Pool of Bethesda, the Pool of Siloam, Herod's Palace and the towers next to it (Mariamne, Phasael, and Hippicus Tower). Also included are the Upper Market, Herod's Theatre, the Monument of King Alexander Jannaeus, the Tomb of Huldah, Antonia Fortress, the Tomb of King David, and the Psephinus Tower.

These photographs can be downloaded in a single ZIP file (file size: 171 MB).


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